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Name: hanna 
Birthday:  april 29
Favorite color: dark red
Lucky number: idk 7
Height: 175cm
Talents: haha yeah right
Last dream you remember: idk it was a nightmare 
Art/Sport/Both: art
Do you like writing: yeah
Do you like dancing: no
Do you like singing: i guess but i suck at it 


Dream Vacation: being somewhere i love with people important to me thats it really
Dream Guy/Girl: dont get me started
Dream Wedding: ^
Dream Pet: an australian sheperd maybe ;;;
Favorite song: oh idfk rn tbh

Least favorite song: oh idk i dont even wanna think about that stuff bye
Least favorite album: idk
Least favorite artist: justin bieber ew 


Guys/Girls/Both: guys
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: omg idk

Humorous/Serious: humorous for the most part i guess
Taller/Shorter: definitely taller
Biggest turn off: smoking, excessive drinking
Turn on: wouldnt you like to know

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